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Electricians Insurance Australia

At Public Liability Online, we understand that as an electrician you need insurance tailored to the needs of your business. Our team work closely with you to design a policy that suits you and is competitively priced. Though not compulsory in Australia, a comprehensive insurance policy covers you for the risks associated with electrical work.

Why Do I Need Electricians Insurance?

As an electrician, you are exposed daily to hazards carrying varying degrees of risk. From fires and electrocution to tool theft and third-party damages – if a disaster occurs, these hazards can jeopardise the safety and financial security of your employees and your client as well as yourself and your business, leaving you seriously out of pocket. Insurance protects you and your business in the event of a disaster, however minor.

Taking out electrician’s insurance gives you peace of mind, knowing that if you are unable to work or are facing a large liability claim – you can still support your family and pay the bills.

Types of Insurance for Electricians

Personal Accident & Illness

As an electrician you are exposed to occupational risks daily, personal accident and illness insurance protects your income when you are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

General Property

Your tools and equipment are vital to your livelihood and can be costly to replace. General property insurance protects you against loss, damage and theft.

Fire & Defined Events

In the event of a disaster such as fire, earthquakes, storm damage, lightning and malicious damage, protect your business premises and equipment with fire and defined events insurance.

Product Liability

In the event of negligence by you or your employee/s, protect yourself from hefty compensation claims with product liability insurance.

Public Liability

Accidents happen, but when they do make sure you’re covered for damage of third party property and injuries with public liability insurance.

Professional Indemnity

Did you know that a claim can be made against you for any errors, omissions or faults in professional advice? Professional indemnity insurance will cover you against this.

Workers Compensation

A worker’s compensation policy covers you against any claims made by your employee/s because of workplace related sickness or injury.

How Much Does Electricians Insurance Cost?

Starting prices for electrician’s insurance varies from broker to broker and is also dependant on your risk level. For example, a sole trader working on residential and light commercial projects will have lower premiums than an electrician undertaking heavy commercial or industrial work. The higher the risk, the higher the cost. When it comes to insurance, it’s best to shop around and find a broker you are comfortable with and a policy that you feel best suits your business requirements.

At Public Liability Online, we connect you to brokers across Australia to help you find the best policy at the best price. Call 1800 669 664 or fill out a contact form today to get in touch with one of our friendly team and get your electricians insurance taken care of.