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Web Designer / Developer Insurance Australia

As a web designer or developer, you know that there is a big difference between those who do websites as a hobby and those who do websites professionally. One of these difference is that you will require insurance. With one quick Google search, you’ll end up with hundreds of results for cheap insurance providers who will hand you a cookie cutter policy and send you on your way – but wouldn’t you rather a policy guaranteed to have your back when problems directly related to your profession arise? At Public Liability Online, we connect you with brokers who don’t do generalised web designer / developer insurance policies, instead taking the time to understand your unique situation and tailoring your policy accordingly.

Why Do I Need Web Designer / Developer Insurance?

You may not imagine that there are many risks involved with your profession, after all, you don’t work with tools or dangerous equipment or substances. What could possibly go wrong? There are more risks associated with the web design / development industry than most people think, and it is crucial to have a comprehensive insurance policy in place to protect yourself and your business. Without insurance, what would you do if a client visited your office, tripped on a loose cord and decided to sue you for damages? What if you provide advice to a client that ends poorly for their business, resulting in a loss of income and they decide to sue you for negligence? These are all situations that must be considered.

Types of Insurance For Web Designers / Developers

Professional Indemnity

If you provide poor advice to a client or a programming or design error causes your client to lose income and they decide to suit you as a result, professional indemnity insurance can help cover you.

Cyber Insurance

If your business hosts and is responsible for a client’s website, cyber insurance can help protect you against a disaster like the website being hacked.

Public Liability Insurance

Forgetting to secure those loose cables in your office or not having time to get that uneven piece of carpet fixed could just end in a lawsuit. Make sure you’re protected with public liability insurance for web designers / developers.

General Property Insurance

This type of cover can be a great financial aid if your work equipment (which often totals in the thousands of dollars) is lost, stolen or damaged.

Accident & Sickness Insurance

Crucial for freelancers and the self-employed, this type of insurance supplements most of your income when you are too sick or injured to work for a period of time – meaning you can still support yourself and your family.

Workers Compensation

If you employ others and they become sick or injured as a direct result of your business activity, workers compensation will help cover you if they decide to sue.

How Much Does Web Designer / Developer Insurance Cost?

For a combination of professional indemnity and public liability insurance, web designer / developer insurance prices typically start at around the $580 mark per year. It is important to note that prices can significantly vary depending on your specific business situation (size, clients, business activities, etc.) So, make sure you shop around to find the best policy that suits your individual business needs at the best price. Or you could make one quick call to our friendly team at Public Liability Online and we’ll do the shopping around for you! Get in touch today to get your web design / development insurance covered.